Things I ♥

Products and companies I believe in. Ran by conscious badass women who believe in uplifting and empowering the feminine. 


Root and Bones

One of my favorite adaptogen companies. Alyssa is an amazing acupuncturist and is extremely knowledgeable on adaptogens and how they can heal and help the body with stress. All of her products have a high vibration that you can feel. I love all of them but my favorites are reishi and he shou wu. Click HERE to check them out. CODE: bodybliss

Daughters Of Culture

If you want to feel like a Bohemian Goddess, then Daughters of Culture is your place to shop. Their clothing is incredibly beautiful, comfortable and versatile. From yoga to dinner, they have you covered. Ran by powerful women who believe in dressing women in beautiful, high vibration clothing. Click HERE to check them out. CODE: bodybliss


The Philosophie


This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite superfood companies. It was one of the first blends I introduced into my diet and it is truly what began my journey into adaptogens and superfoods in my daily diet. Not only are these superfood blends loaded with incredible adaptogens but they also double as a protein powder. 100% plant-based and no sweetener added. I use them in both sweet and savory foods. Click HERE to check them out. CODE: bodybliss15