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Amrit-Sadhana grew up in a yogic household. Practicing yoga and meditation from a young age has shaped her as a teacher. Her feminine movement classes are slow and sultry, filled with her passion for teaching women the language of their bodies. They are combination of circularized movement, meditation and learning the skills to led your body lead. Her lifelong love affair with music inspires her to create playlists that range from cathartic to full out joy. 

Music is one of Amrit-Sadhana's biggest passions. She attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Voice Performance. Though she does not currently sing with an Opera company, she has performed many lead roles with Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera. You will find her serenading with Portland Opera on Tap  at local watering holes.

Outside of her passion for music and movement, you will find Amrit-Sadhana in the kitchen. Enhancing her dishes with superfoods and adaptogens is a joy of hers. Throughout her travels, she has learned about foods of different cultures and uses that knowledge to create unique, delicious and healthy meals. Her current obsession is Ayurvedic cooking and fueling her body for balance. One of her biggest joys in life is cooking and sharing food with those she loves most. 


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